Canyonlands Trip - September 2011 Images:

Updated: Tuesday October 18, 2011

In September 2011 my wife and I took an old fashioned "driving vacation" out to the Canyonlands of Colorado, Utah, and Arizona. We visited Indian ruins and the breathtaking scenery of the many National Parks and National Monuments concentrated in this geographic area. Several State Parks were also included, along with a few specialty locations highlighted below.

The map below shows the route we took and the major locations we visited:

Enjoy the beautiful scenery and majestic mountain vistas below (along with a few birds and other animals)!

Erik Breden
Harlingen, Texas

Cortez, Colorado:

Moab, Utah:

Mexican Hat, Utah:

Grand Canyon, Arizona:

Holbrook, Arizona:

Plants and "Critters" We Saw on Our Trip:

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