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THE OTTER SIDE produces and markets fine gifts and products featuring birds, incorporating superb original photographic images based on over 35 years of our own nature photography. Our product line includes Color Notecards, customized Local Bird ID Cards, Educational Flip Cards, Magnets, Hand-mirrors, Bookmarks, and other customized items.

We have featured soy inks and recycled paper for our standard color card images since 1996 and recycled paper for ALL of our cardstock since 1994. In 1997 we switched our in-house desktop color printers (which we use to print Educational Flip Cards, customized Local Birds ID Cards, most of our Magnet/Mirror images, and all of our Bookmarks) to equipment which uses water-soluble inks. All our products are made in the USA with as little wear and tear on the world as possible, in keeping with our "Live in Harmony" motto, including the reuse of shipping containers and packing materials.

We hope you'll enjoy browsing through the images and product descriptions on our web pages. Please let us know how you like them. Send us your name and USPS (aka "snailmail") address, and we will gladly send a copy of our latest wholesale product information to your shop or organization.

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ca. 1992

ERIK BREDEN takes all the pictures used for our products, prepares the images for printing and for display on on our web site, and also creates and maintains all of the web pages on our web site.

He started taking general nature pictures as a teenager (see photo at right). His subjects included flowers, insects, frogs, turtles, snakes, mammals...well, actually, anything that would stay still long enough to be photographed! A frustrating attempt to photograph a Baltimore Oriole in a large willow tree in his parents backyard was the catalyst that ignited his passion for birds, and started him on a lifelong quest to photograph birds.

ca. 1967

Erik has photographed over 975 species of North American, Central/South American, European, and Asian birds (over 690 in North America alone!). A number of these have been published as documentary photographs in:

Erik provided slides to David Sibley for use in the preparation of the highly acclaimed Sibley Guide to Birds (David Allen Sibley, 2000).

He also contributed slides that are on file with VIREO (Visual Resources for Ornithology) at the Philadelphia Academy of Natural Sciences, and has donated slides for use in presentations at the Cape May Bird Observatory.

In addition, his photographs can be seen in the following photographic field guides:

He has also donated photographs to Manakin Nature Tours for their Colombia Birdwatching Tours web site.

On previous birding trips to Texas, and since THE OTTER SIDE moved to Texas in 1999, he has been documenting rarities for the TBRC (Texas Bird Records Committee). You can see photographs of many of these birds at the Texas Bird Images Website, and all of them in the Complete Image Catalog here at THE OTTER SIDE.

(Note: All the birds below are rare or uncommon in Texas, and a number were chosen by the TBRC for documentation):

MARY BREDEN originally set up the business side of the company and was the creative talent behind many of our product designs. She also created all the brochures and literature you'll receive, and doubled as Erik's photographic assistant in the field.

Mary was introduced to birds when she met Erik. Their first "date" was on a bitterly cold February day when they went out looking (unsuccessfully) for a Le Conte's Sparrow that had been reported from Sandy Hook, New Jersey. That might have been enough to turn off anyone, but, Mary soon became "hooked" on birds when, on another outing, a flock of Cedar Waxwings descended from the sky and filled the bushes and trees all around. It was a magic moment!

Mary has since answered a calling to become a minister. She attended Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary, and, after graduating in June 2006, accepted a call to the Andrews Presbyterian Church in Andrews, Texas in February 2007. In August 2010 she and Erik moved to Harlingen, Texas to live in the Rio Grande Valley. She now serves as the Pastor of New Hope Presbyterian Church in La Feria, Texas.

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OUR GUARANTEE - We give you an unconditional guarantee on all of our products. We hope you'll love them just the way they are! But, if anything is not perfect, we want to know about it. Just call us, text us a note, send email, or write to us right away, and we will remedy the situation.

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