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OUR BOOKMARKS - Color or artistic black and white images adorn 1-1/2 x 7 inch bookmarks printed on white recycled paper. They are laminated to eliminate damage from dirt and moisture, and the corners are rounded to provide both safety and a fine finished look. These bookmarks are a perfect complement for your field guide and other book sales! See the Samples below.

COLOR OR BLACK-AND-WHITE IMAGES - Choose images from either the Complete Color Image Catalog or any of our Black-and-White Images.

STANDARD BOOKMARKS - Our standard bookmarks provide a color picture of the bird, the name of the bird, and an educational message similar to the Eastern Bluebird below. On our black-and-white bookmarks, the bird's name is highlighted. See the White-breasted Nuthatch and Dunlin Samples below.

CUSTOM BOOKMARKS - We can also customize the bookmarks with your store's name, a special message, the announcement of an event, etc. See the Northern Mockingbird Sample below. We have more than eighty font styles to choose from. Please Contact Us for more information.

Note: Bookmarks not shown actual size.

Our Standard Bookmark Design

Customized Bookmark
(Design for a Store)

Standard Bookmark Design
(Black-and-white Design)

Standard Bookmark Design
(Black-and-white Design)

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