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4x6 BLANK COLOR NOTECARDS - Beautiful color images show wild birds in their natural habitat.

4x6 Notecard Sets - These card sets are available in four of our most popular pictures (Cardinal, Chickadee, Goldfinch, and Nuthatch). Full-sized 4x6 inch pictures are printed on the front of each card, and the back of each card features a description of the bird. All cards and envelopes are made from recycled paper, and all printing is done with soy-based inks by Mitchell Graphics of Petoskey, Michigan.

Cards are packaged in strong, crystal clear, re-sealable sleeves made of acid-free polypropylene.

The following pre-packaged sets are available:


Note: Card not shown actual size.
Copyright label does not appear across images in finished products.

Description on Back of Card:

Northern Cardinal
(Cardinalis cardinalis)
Often simply called Redbird, the Northern Cardinal is a common visitor to feeders. Although brightly colored, male cardinals can disappear into shrubbery with ease. Their distinctive song, a series of single whistled notes, is heard in the spring. This male was photographed on a cold, but sunny, February day with a Celestron 750mm f5.6 mirror lens on Ektachrome 400 film.

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