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CUSTOM IMAGES and OTHER SERVICES - Don't see what you want? We specialize in personalized service, and are always interested in hearing from customers with special requests.

We are always developing new images and working on ideas for new products. If you are looking for something specific that you do not see here, please contact us. We have hundreds of images that can be quickly made available for our standard products or your custom designs.

As an example, we have used the White-breasted Nuthatch design at the top right of the page as a giveaway pin for our own company's promotion at the Birdwatch America trade show in Atlanta. The Eastern Kingbird at the top left of the page was used as a "reward" for finding rare birds on the Sandy Hook CBC (Christmas Bird Count) in New Jersey. Words promoting your organization or event can easily be substituted. We have several other pictures of birds sitting on or near signs that can create a similar effect.

Our Black and White Images can also be made into custom designs (e.g., imprinted bookmarks) for your organization, event, or store.

We can easily provide a Magnet, Hand-Mirror, Bookmark, or Notecard with one of our hundreds of color or black-and-white images. Browse the Images Page (including the Black and White Images) or the Complete Color Image Catalog to see the variety of selections available. Contact us for more information about custom images, design, and imprinting.

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