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OUR MAGNETS & HAND-MIRRORS - Our quality color images are used to produce 2-1/4 inch diameter magnets and hand-mirrors. These two popular items are individually packaged in crystal-clear polypropylene.

Magnets are made with extra large magnet pieces on the back, so they are strong enough to really hold that favorite cartoon up on the refrigerator.

Hand-mirrors feature a photo on one side and a mirror on the other side. Not only can these handy little mirrors be used to check out how you look, they can also be used as "birding devices". Use the mirror to point out a bird up in the trees, by reflecting the sun and highlighting the bird in a circle of light, as we've shown with this Yellow-rumped Warbler.

Your customers will want to buy a magnet for their mother's fridge, or a hand-mirror for their best friend. But make sure you tell them to buy some for themselves, too!

IMAGES AVAILABLE - We have hundreds of images available for our various products. Browse the Complete Image Catalog to see the variety of selections available.

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